Healthy Homes Inspections - Lower Hutt Building Inspections

Why get a Healthy Homes Inspection? Because these inspectors care about a healthy, safe environment. They also make sure that a property meets government healthy home standards. In other words, they do more than look for structural issues. They'll also make sure that the property meets a variety of other health and safety standards, such as the American Red Cross's Healthy Home Rating System. That's a big deal! Now, you know what to look for.

A Healthy Homes assessment ensures that the rental property has a reliable source of heat. While you're looking for a quality property for your tenants, you don't want to let them down by offering a home with a leaky roof or dirty water heater. In fact, it could cost you more in the long run if your tenants complain about a broken heater or a faulty air conditioning system. So, it's best to invest in a healthy homes assessment before you rent or sell your property.

Substandard housing poses a variety of health hazards to your family. From respiratory infections to lead poisoning, these problems can lead to a host of mental and physical health problems. Scientific research supports the connection between housing conditions and health. And while defective housing costs the nation millions of dollars every year, most of these problems can easily be corrected. A healthy homes inspection will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress. There's no reason to put off a healthy home inspection when you can get a healthy one at a fraction of the cost.

The Healthy Homes inspection is not a 'one-size-fits-all' process. Instead, it's a holistic approach that covers all aspects of a home's quality and safety. It involves a number of steps that are designed to help tenants make better decisions. Healthy Homes inspectors provide tenants with valuable information about the condition of the house and what to expect from the space. Moreover, it is a legal requirement for landlords to meet the standards for rental properties, and the certification proves helpful for both landlords and tenants.

After completing the Healthy Homes inspection, a health technician will visit the property and conduct a comprehensive internal and external audit of the property. In this way, they can determine where they need to make improvements. A Healthy Homes inspector will give landlords and homeowners a comprehensive report with a Compliance Statement describing the repairs necessary to bring the property up to health standards. The entire process costs about $3500, but it's well worth the money.

A Healthy Homes inspection saves landlords money and tenants' health. In New Zealand, the average person will spend less money on healthcare because of their healthy home. Moreover, landlords are required to sign a declaration stating that their property complies with the Healthy Homes standards. This can also protect landlords from being fined up to $7200 for not meeting the standards. For that reason, you'll definitely want a healthy homes inspection when you're renting out your home.

The data collected during Healthy Homes inspections can also identify areas that are high risk. In addition to highlighting high risk areas, these data also reveal homes that need improvement. High-risk rental housing must be inspected and any violations should be resolved before the renter moves in. Healthy homes inspections may also provide insight into the state of maintenance and repair of older housing. But there's still room for further research in this area. The next step is to explore the potential of linking health information with housing inspection data.

The Healthy Homes Standards aim to improve the quality of rental properties in New Zealand. In addition to ventilation, healthy homes standards also cover heating, insulation, moisture ingress and drainage, draught stopping and meth testing. The report will show which elements of the dwelling need immediate repair. In addition to these, the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017 requires the testing of meth. Getting a Healthy Homes Inspection done will give you peace of mind and the proof that your property is meeting the standards.

The Healthy Homes standards require private landlords to comply with these standards within 90 days of a new tenancy. However, the standards aren't perfect. Private landlords must follow the standards within 90 days or risk penalties of up to $7200. But, if you're a tenant and your landlord's standards aren't up to scratch, you should still pay for an inspection. If you find that your home isn't up to standards, it's time to take action.